A quick update on where I’m at with three writing projects: a new group blog, my weekly tech column, and my latest scifi novel…


Today, myself and four other people launched a new tech blog. It’s called AltPlatform and is a non-profit blog collective devoted to Open Web technologies. The target audience is Internet developers, entrepreneurs and early adopters. If you are any one of those, I invite you to subscribe via RSS or by email. And if you’d like to join us as a contributor, we’re a collective so the more the merrier.

Here’s a teaser of what’s to come, from my introductory post:

What do we mean by “Open Web”? Firstly, we want to experiment with open source (like this WordPress.org blog) and open standards (like RSS). We’re also using the word open to signify a wider, boundary-less view of the Web. In other words, we want to look for opportunities beyond the Walled Gardens – proprietary platforms like Facebook and Twitter where you don’t own your own data, you have little control over your news feeds, and you have to live by certain rules. […] Another goal of AltPlatform is to reignite the sense of experimentation and community that existed on the Web about a decade ago. [Read full post]

Newsroom column

Also a reminder that I write a weekly tech column at Newsroom, a news and current affairs website from New Zealand. My column targets a general audience, so anyone and everyone should read it. My aim is to explore (and explain) emerging technologies and how they affect the world. So far I’ve written twelve columns. Here are some of the topics I’ve covered:

You can find the full archive of my Newsroom columns here.

Next novel

I’m currently knee-deep in the second draft of my upcoming science fiction novel about Artificial Intelligence. I’ll update you all further once I’ve completed this draft.

Thanks as always for reading.


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