Confusion about IndieWeb

The confusion about the indieweb by Colin WalkerColin Walker (Social Thoughts)
The community wrestles with the self-realised existential crisis that it is, currently, a developer community not a user community.

Colin, you hit the nail on the head. The IndieWeb community has done brilliant work over the years, but I think 2017 is the year to make it easier for “the users” to tap into these Open Web technologies too. It feels quite similar to 2003/04 in that way.

3 thoughts on “Confusion about IndieWeb

  1. The big difference between 2003/4 and now is that, back then, users didn’t have anything that offered them the convenience of Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites we have available now. Convincing my mother to set up her own site and IndieWebify it so that it emulates what she can do on Facebook would be near impossible.

    In a sense we are in a time resembling those earlier days but the IndieWeb movement isn’t taking root in an otherwise empty landscape. There is a lot of competition for “average” users who are happy to blog on Facebook (eek) and surrender their digital presences to 3rd party services.

    1. That\’s true Paul. I certainly don\’t expect my immediate family to start blogging. I like Facebook for what it is at heart: a place to communicate and share with family and friends. Where I\’m not so keen on FB is as a news platform and all the other non-family/friends stuff it tries to push its way into. That\’s where blogging comes in…not just news, but analysis, diving into topics, or simply connecting to like-minded (and perhaps non like-minded too) people who aren\’t friends or family.

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