I’ve joined Blocktimes

A couple of weeks ago I joined Blocktimes as head of content. Blocktimes is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news website. It’s primarily a curation service for the crypto internet at this stage, but we are introducing regular original content too.

My debut Blocktimes post
My debut Blocktimes post

From now on I’ll be publishing all of my crypto articles onto Blocktimes, instead of my indie blog Blocksplain. The fact is, Blocksplain wasn’t bringing in any revenue. So I decided it was better to team up with the founder and CEO of Blocktimes, Andrey Zagoruiko. We’re a small team of three currently, including CTO Nick Korvatovskiy.

My role is Chief Content Officer, so I’ll be focusing on the content strategy for Blocktimes.

I encourage you to check out Blocktimes and add it to your daily bookmarks, especially if you’re tracking the fascinating crypto and Web 3.0 markets closely.

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