I’ve joined Blocktimes

A couple of weeks ago I joined Blocktimes¬†as head of content. Blocktimes is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news website. It’s primarily a curation service for the crypto internet at this stage, but we are introducing regular original content too. From now on I’ll be publishing all of my crypto articles onto Blocktimes, instead of my […]

ReadWriteWeb, 2008

Web 3 & RWW’s 15th anniversary

20 April was the 15th anniversary of ReadWriteWeb‘s launch, back in 2003. Usually I do an anniversary post, but this year I was a little busy with the arrival of my second child during April. Having a child puts everything in context. Just as I’m a product of Generation X, RWW was a product of […]


Newsroom job

This week I started a cool new job at Newsroom, one of New Zealand’s premier independent media companies. I’ll be their Chief Product Officer for a few days a week, and also writing my weekly technology column for the site. As I noted in my LinkedIn profile,¬†I’ll be responsible for building the Newsroom technology platform […]


March 2018: Blocksplain & column highlights

I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently. While I’m taking a break from the book world, I’ve been full-on with a new blog and my weekly newspaper column. Here are a few quick highlights… My new blog about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Blocksplain, has been making an impact in the emerging “Web 3” ecosystem. As […]


February 2018: My new blog, Blocksplain

It’s been over five years now since I left ReadWriteWeb. During that time I wrote and published two books – Trackers (2014) and Presence (2016). But it was time for a change in 2018, so I’ve started up a new tech blog. That’s because I’ve become obsessed, in a healthy way, about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. […]

The Bitcoin Supper

Top 5 Technology Trends of 2017

Every December I write a blog post looking back at the leading technology trends of the year. I first started doing this in 2004, when Read/Write Web was my personal blog. That was also the year “Web 2.0” was named, denoting the trend of using the Web as a platform. There’s a connection, at least […]