Newsroom Column

NewsroomIn March 2017, I began a tech column at Newsoom, a news and current affairs website from New Zealand. I’ll be writing a weekly column there about emerging technologies and how they affect the world.

Columns so far:

22/5/17: After Techweek, it’s not all kumbaya; my report from New Zealand’s second annual Techweek, and the first to go nationwide.
15/5/17: Virtual reality, actual problem; Virtual reality was supposed to revolutionise movies and transform our home entertainment systems, but so far Hollywood is unimpressed.
8/5/17: Smart cities encounter roadblocks; I speak with an ex-IBM Smart Cities exec and a passionate (but frustrated) tech advocate in the Christchurch rebuild.
1/5/17: Why our banks are friending FinTech startups; I check in with Kiwibank and its startup accelerator to find out where our FinTech revolution is.
24/4/17: How the West can be won over by m-payments; why we are so reluctant to use Apple Pay and similar mobile payment apps.
18/4/17: 3D printing: More than parts and props; is 3D printing this generation’s BASIC computing? I found out from two 3D printing entrepreneurs.
10/4/17: NZ should invest in startups, not houses; I talk to Xero CEO Rod Drury about how to compete in an increasingly protectionist world.
3/4/17: NZ could miss out on gene-editing revolution; Featuring interviews with the Environmental Protection Authority’s chief scientist, and a conservation geneticist.
27/3/17: Mixed reality set to soar while VR stays grounded; 2016 was supposed to be the year Virtual Reality made it big; instead, Mixed Reality burst onto the scene.
20/3/17: A dangerous new era in social engineering; examines how Facebook & Twitter are influencing political results. #trump #brexit
13/3/17: Why Google puts AI first; Google’s original motto, “Don’t Be Evil,” will be severely tested in the coming years.